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Studies show that people who write down just a few things each day can improve their overall level of focus, happiness and wellbeing. The holidays can be tough for many of us, so collectively our challenge is to write down 3-5 things we are thankful for each day during November and December. It's easier than going to the gym, and might actually help you get there! Sign up, get started and then send us your personal stories of how a daily practice of gratitude affected your holidays this year.

  1. Sign up.

    Get your free account at By default your journal is public. Go to the Settings area if you'd like to make it private.

  2. Write a few things everyday.

    Just 3-5 things each day is enough to make you think about the things, people, and experiences in your daily life. Nothing is too mundane or profound. View the Public Stream of Thanks to see what other people are thankful for.

  3. Send us your stories.

    We'd love to know if your daily practice of gratitude changes your winter holidays in any way. Send your stories to

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